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Madeleine Martinod Sánchez (b. 1999) is an Ecuadorian photographer, media artist and archivist. Her photographic curiosity began in 2016, soon after discovering a predilection for analogue photography at a workshop organized by the Bokeh Collective (Guayaquil, Ecuador). Since then, many of her works have been made with black and white hand-processed film. In October 2018 she participated in a workshop held at Tipialab (Bogotá, Colombia) where she continued her experiments in wet-collodion, Van Dyke, Kallitype and Anthotype. For her, photography holds the potential for total immanent expression, using it as a form of inner therapeutic alchemy, self-knowledge, and trans-generational communion. She is attracted to formally experimenting with different media, developing photographic media assemblages in order to breach the frame, the photographic time-continuum, and taunt liminal states of expression in photographic presentation. She is currently studying at Centro de la Imagen (Lima, Peru) where she delves into both analog and digital media. Her work has been exhibited in Ecuador, China, and Italy and her photobook "Caraguay" is archived at the Tim Hetherington Photobook Library at the Bronx Documentary Center.

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